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Sonny Belt the Stat Helper

Updated: Jun 6

I would like to introduce Sonny Belt, Sonny is here to help you determine what is a good season in the SBL. Sonny will be a two-way fictional player who will be doing the exact average in a Sunbelt league stat.  Players above a stat in his category will be doing better than the league average. Sonny was created to help the fans see where their favorite Sunbelt League athlete stands in the league stats.

                Sonny’s hitting stats are the league average from the past 12 seasons, with no games played in 2020. Along with his hitting stats, hit pitching stats are the average from the past 12 seasons. His total hits of 14 would place him slightly below the middle among the 90 eligible batters in 2023 ranking him at 52nd place. In the history of the 1,440 eligible batters, Sonny would be tied with the many others in the exact middle.

                During the 2024 Sunbelt season Sonny will be playing right alongside every athlete and be the exact average of the league. Each week his stats will be posted with the weekly recap of the league, and you will be able to see where your favorite Sunbelt athlete stands against the league average.

                Here is a fun stat that we found during our journey creating Sonny Belt. In 2018 Brookhaven Bucks Catcher Jack Rubenstein was hit by a pitch a record 18 times. What makes this stat fun is he played in 22 games and was hit by a pitch twice in a game 5 times. He had a streak of getting hit by a pitch twice in a game for four games. Plenty more of these fun stats coming this season.

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