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Bucks Slide Continues, Gol'Diggers Win

Gainesville, GA- What a night for baseball Monday night was, 85 degrees, a high sky, and a slight breeze blowing off the lake. Then around 6:40 PM a baseball game started, and it was the type of baseball game that kept this scorekeeper on his toes.

                The Gol ‘Diggers were the first on the board scoring one run in the bottom of the first inning with an RBI single by Noah Darden. Gol ‘Diggers starting pitcher Sahil Patel was “no hitting” the Bucks through three innings.  The Bucks starter Jake Beaver only gave up 1 run through three innings and struck out four. The great starts from both pitchers made a turn for the worse in the fourth inning.

                On the first pitch of the fourth inning, Bucks third baseman Cooper Williams smashed a homerun to right field. Two batters later Bucks right fielder Tyler Bayer hit another homerun this time it landed on the hill in left field. The next two batters reached on an error and a walk setting up an RBI single by Heath Owen. In the home half of the inning, the Gol ‘Diggers lead-off batter got on base by an HBP, and two batters later Jonny Smith reached on an error. Haper Davenport followed Smith with an RBI single then two batters later Daniel Bell scored another run on an RBI single. The fourth inning ended in a 3-3 tie and both starters were pulled from the game.

                The fifth inning started the same as the fourth inning, on the first pitch, Luke Miller hit the third home run of the night sending a ball over the right field fence. The Bucks' one-run lead in the fifth inning didn’t last long as the Gol ‘Diggers scored two more runs in the bottom half. With two runners on Tanner Patterson hit a line drive down the first base line for an RBI double. The Following batter Tyler Trich hit a ground ball past the shortstop for an RBI single. 

                In the sixth inning, the Gol ‘Diggers added another run after the lead-off hitter Haper Davenport reached on an error. Davenport worked for his run during the next at-bat, he moved to second on a wild pitch, then stole third base, and scored on an errant throw during his steal attempt. In the seventh inning, the Gol ‘Diggers started the inning loading the bases on 2 walks and a single. Then Tyler Triche earned an RBI walk and the following batter Cole Harof earned an RBI on another bases-loaded walk.

                In the eighth inning, the Bucks added a run to their total with an RBI single by Tyler Bayer to bring the score to 8-5. The Gol ‘Diggers scored another run in the eighth inning for the fifth straight inning with another bases-loaded walk to Tanner Patterson. Logan Bogue pitched the final three innings for the Gol ‘Diggers allowing only one run on two hits and striking out five. The game ended in a Gol ‘Digger 9-5 victory and the Bucks's rough start continues.

                A rivalry was formed in this game, as the game went on the tension could be felt in the press box. It will be a fun series this season and the next game is Wednesday at 7:05 PM in Brookhaven.

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