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Aviator Score Early To survive Brookhaven

Updated: Jun 6

Alpharetta, Ga - The Aviators hosted the Bucks in a four-hour game to open the season. Blythe Keisler took the mound for Alpharetta. The Bucks came out swinging as center fielder Caden Long laid down a leadoff double. That was followed by a ground out from Tyson and a single from the first baseman Schley Gordy to bring in the first run of the game. Keisler shut down the Bucks after that with a swinging strike out on Roddey and a flyout from Baker. Austin Stephenson stepped on the mound for Brookhaven and forced a quick 6-3 putout on EH Ryan Stephens with his first pitch. LF Jakob Cowart lays down a single on the second pitch he sees, followed by another single from SS Jackson Morgan. Those two hits seemed to have gotten to Stephenson as he proceeds to throw a wild pitch that moves runners to second and third before hitting Corey Dowdell with a pitch that loads the bases. Another wild pitch allowed Cowart to score, tying the game 1-1. 3B TJ Kloiber gets a free base on 4 straight balls to load them back up. The Bucks then got a lucky break as RF Coinion Walker hit one right back at Stephenson to get the out at first, however it allowed Morgan to score from third to go up 2-1. Tyler-James lays down another hit for the Aviators that allows two to score making it 4-1. Steven Vrolijk gets a single as well, but Tyler-James gets put out at 2nd to end the inning. LF Luke Manry gets a single on the second pitch he sees to start the inning. However, Uggla pops one up for the first out, and Manry gets caught stealing on a beautiful throw from the Aviators catcher Mahoney. RF Luke Miller pops up to end the inning. Malucci gets a one out single in the bottom of the 2nd before getting shut down by a textbook 6-4-3 double play hit by Stephens.

After a hectic first two innings the, the Bucks got two runners on base with a walk and a two out dropped ball at 1st, but ultimately, they’re unable to drive them in. The Aviators see an opportunity to strike as Cowart lays down a leadoff single followed by a walk and a single, but Cowart is tagged out in the process. Kloiber strikes out, but a wild pitch during his AB allows the runners to move into scoring position. Walker Shaw takes the mound for Alpheretta in the fourth. Conlon Walker lays down a single to drive in two runs before stealing 2nd, then advancing to 3rd on a wild pitch, and finally reaching home on a passed ball in an incredible sequence to make it 7-1. Tommy Thomas takes the mound before getting a strikeout to end the inning. Roddey lays down a leadoff single in the top of the fourth. This was followed by a walk from Baker and an RBI single from Manry to make the game 7-2. The straight outs take us to the bottom of the fourth. Mahoney gets a leadoff single, but Thomas settles in to throw two consecutive Ks and a flyout to end the inning. Things start slowing for Brookhaven in the fifth as they quickly find themselves with 2 outs and nobody on. They followed that up with back-to-back singles from Tyson and Gordy before Bryce Roddey hit an RBI double to make it 7-4. Baker draws a walk, but Manry strikes out before they can plate anymore runs. Cian Khajavi takes the mound and gets off to a rocky start by hitting Morgan with a pitch. However, Dowdell hits into a double play to negate Cain’s mistake. Things get dicey as a single, and E4, and a walk load the bases, but they escape unscathed as Vrolijk pops up to end the 5th.

Both teams begin to slow down after two long lightning delays. A double from Luke Miller is all that the Bucks get in the sixth. Alex Johnson is the fourth pitcher to take the mound for Brookhaven. Things get scary, and Emory Guilford takes over in the ten hole with a one out single and a stolen base. Burton Hahn gets put in the DH spot, but he strikes how. Back-to-back walks load the bases, but a 6-4 play ensures no runs score. Caden long starts the seventh with a leadoff walk, but nothing comes of it as the next three batters go down in order. Benjamin Epperley is the fifth and final pitcher for the Bucks. He gives up 3 walks in the seventh however, he catches Armstrong stealing, and a strikeout and flyout shut down the Aviators in the seventh. Ryan Schatte closes things out for Alpharetta, and he has a clean and easy eighth with two strikeouts. Hahn and Morgan get singles in the bottom of the eighth, but neither can reach home. Finally, a two out single is all that Brookhaven can muster in the ninth.

Alpharetta wins their home opener 7-4 over Brookhaven. Blythe Keisler gets the win and Stephenson gets the loss. They will face each other again on Wednesday back in Alpharetta.

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